Animal rights groups slam Sarah Palin“- Politico

1/2/15 1:39 PM EST

It seems that former Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin really stepped in it when she posted a picture of her son using a dog as his “stepping stone” — and animal rights groups are firing back.

On Thursday, Palin posted three pictures of her son, Trig, on her Facebook page to commemorate New Year’s Day. The youngest Palin child was standing on the back of a black Labrador Retriever.


Animal rights group Friends of Animals also condemned Palin’s post.

“It’s no surprise to Friends of Animals that Sarah Palin is so insensitive she thinks a Black Lab should be tolerant of a child who isn’t told to not put his full weight on top of the dog’s back by standing on him,” President Priscilla Feral said in a statement. “How lazy of Sarah Palin not to move the dog out of the way and teach her child the right lessons.”

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