For Immediate Release: 29 September, 2004
Contact: Daniel Hammer (203) 656-1522

Darien, Connecticut — Friends of Animals, an international animal advocacy organization, will be in New York City. on Oct. 16 to join with activists worldwide in support of World Day of Action against McDonald’s.

World Day of Action is an annual event bringing together a huge number of people on a wide range of issues every Oct. 16, with activities all over the world. On this day Friends of Animals will be encouraging consumers and passers-by to take direct action for animals, the environment and social justice by promoting vegetarian restaurants in New York City.

“Great vegetarian restaurants such as Counter and Caravan of Dreams in New York”, said Daniel Hammer, of Friends of Animals. “Visitors to these vibrant restaurants are taking positive and direct action in support of everyday people who are changing society for the better.”

Friends of Animals will distribute the famous “What’s Wrong with McDonald’s” leaflet, which argues that McDonald’s promotes unhealthy food, the exploitation of workers, damage to the environment, and the maltreatment of nonhuman animals.

McDonald’s sued London campaigners Helen Steel and Dave Morris for distributing an earlier version of this leaflet. According to media coverage of the resulting “McLibel” trial, “Although McDonald’s won the original judgment, it was embarrassed when the trial judge ruled that large parts of the leaflet were true. The judge agreed that McDonald’s was responsible for animal cruelty, that it exploited children through its advertising and that it paid its workers in Britain poorly.”*

McDonald’s spends over $1.8 billion annually to promote itself worldwide as a fun, healthy, responsible company. But locally owned and operated restaurants such as Counter, Caravan of Dreams — which offer hearty vegan and organic delights — are the real McCoy.

Stanley, Bruce. “Activists Win Some Vs. McDonald’s.” The Associated Press. 31 March 1999. (16 Sept. 2004).