pAn aquatic zoo in Quebec, Canada, the Aquarium des ÃŽles, captured two seal pups last spring, knowing full-well that they wouldn’t be released, planning to simply kill the pups at the end of their season when they closed – which is tomorrow: Saturday, September 15th./p
pCalls are needed IMMEDIATELY: (418) 937-2277/p
pPlease tell them they need to do whatever they can to save the seals, either rehabilitated to be released, or sent to a marine animal sanctuary. /p
pAlso, please call the Canadian Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, the Honourable Keith Ashfield, and insist that he order Aquarium des ÃŽles to cancel this kill, find a home for these seals, and deny them permits to get seals in the future./p
pPlease CALL the Honorable Keith Ashfield’s office IMMEDIATELY: 613-992-3474/p
pDemand that Aquarium des ÃŽles be forced to care for these seals appropriately, and deny them any future permits for seals./p
pIf you receive this after Saturday, you can still send emails to both: a href=”” a href=””