pstrongThe American Veterinary Medical Assn. is Poised to Adopt a Devocalization Policy That Will Hurt Animals/strong/p
pThe American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has historically sanctioned devocalization, cutting vocal cords just to stifle a dog’s or cat’s voice. A dangerous, painful surgery even in the hands of qualified vets, devocalization is brutal punishment for the “crime” of communicating. No vet should ever do this to an animal. No veterinary association should ever condone it. But the AVMA does./p
pDespite public outcry against devocalization in recent years, the AVMA Executive Board has proposed a new policy that will further entrench veterinary support for this inhumane, unnecessary surgery. And that ensures dogs and cats will continue to be mutilated. /p
blockquotepAVMA’s Policy Protects Veterinary, Breeding and Animal-Testing Industry Interests. /p
pBut it Leaves Dogs and Cats Vulnerable to Devocalization./p
pIt’s Up for a Vote January 3-6, 2013/p/blockquote
pstrongTAKE ACTION NOW! /strong/p
p1) First, Be an Informed Advocate. a href=””Read about the AVMA policy /aand what concerned vets propose as an alternative./p
pstrongThen take action!/strong/p
p2) Call and/or fax weekdays between 8:30 a.m.-4:45 p.m. Central Standard Time. Be calm, brief and polite. Tell AVMA it’s high time for the association to take an unequivocal stand against devocalization; cutting vocal cords to stifle a dog’s or cat’s voice is an act of cruelty that no vet should ever perform, no veterinary association should ever condone. /p
pstrongPhone:/strong Dr. Gail Golab, Director, AVMA Animal Welfare Division, 1-847-285-6618/p
pCan’t get through?/p
pPhone: 1-800-248-2862, ext. 7/p
pFax: 1-847-925-1329 /p
pCalls and faxes are best. In addition, you can:/p
p3) a href=””Email/a /p
p4) a href=””Sign and Share the Petition/a/p
pstrongGET THE WORD OUT! /strong/p
pUnited we stand; divided, it’s animals who fall. /p
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pTell the American Veterinary Medical Assn. “Stop justifying devocalization. No vet should ever cut vocal cords to stifle a dog’s or cat’s voice! No veterinary association should ever condone it.” Call: 1-847-285-6618 or 1-800-248-2862, ext. 7. Please be calm and polite! Learn more: a href=””
p2) Tweet:/p
pHey @AVMAvets: Stop justifying dog/cat #devocalization. It’s always dangerous, always cruel. RT/p
pHey @AVMAvets: #Devocalized dogs/cats r given upeuthanized like any other. Don’t justify this cruel surgery. RT/p
pHey @AVMAvets: #Devocalization=Cruelty 4 Cash. Don’t justify it! RT/p
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