You probably already use your smartphone to help organize your daily activities……why not do the same for your pets? 

Be the ultimate plugged-in pet owner and check out these seven apps that are sure to help you keep track of your daily responsibilities as a dog or cat owner by assisting with everything from recording vital health information, keeping first aid information on hand, tracking down a missing pet, and ensuring your furry friends are getting plenty of exercise. 

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iCam: Keep an eye on your cats and dogs while you’re away from home with iCam, an app that lets you watch your furry friends remotely, just to make sure everything’s all right. This is especially useful if you’re leaving your dog home for the first time, you recently moved or you’re traveling.



Map My Dog Walk: Exercise your dog and get healthy at the same time! Log your walks, automatically track your calories, and sync with your personal account. This app makes tracking your dog walks and outdoor adventures effortless and will keep you motivated to hit the road or trail day after day. 


PetMD Symptom Checker: This app takes its cues from other symptom checking apps, only rather than picking out human body parts and describing symptoms, with petMD, you consult a chart of cat and dog body parts and look up symptoms. The app references more than 2,500 articles on various dog and cat maladies, with remedies and veterinary information.


Pet Services Finder : This app fetches info on the nearest veterinarians, emergency clinics, dog parks, animal-friendly hotels, and more for any location and features ratings and reviews. Definitely would be useful if you’re on the go, either running errands or on vacation, with your pets! 


Pup Tox Pet Toxicity Reference: This app could potentially be a lifesaver as it lists more than 250 common items that are toxic to cats and dogs. You’ll never have to worry if those flowers you are buying for your garden can hurt Fluffy or if the leftovers from dinner are safe for Rover. Is it toxic to your dog? Is it safe for your cat? KitTox may have the answer.



Tagg: Never worry about your dog’s whereabouts again! Tagg is essentially a GPS attachment for your dog’s collar that’s sure to bring you peace of mind. The app will track your dog’s activity and send you a message if he goes beyond the boundaries you set. Not only that, Tagg allows you to make sure your dog is getting enough exercise by measuring movement.