Forget witches, devils and ghosts…do you want to know what really gives us the creeps? Check out our DIY costume instructions below to learn how you can make a spooky costume with just a few props and one major personality flaw.

You can also click on the links below each costume to know how we’re working to defeat these “monsters”.


We all know that fur is a thing of the past. But some old ghouls just don’t get it. Check out our most recent anti-fur campaign here. 



Arguably the most hated man in America at one point, Walter Palmer is the perfect example of why we’ve introduced “Cecil’s Law” in the state of New York. 





You know you’re in trouble when the agency charged with protecting wild horses starts darting them, rounding them up and selling them for adoption. We’re fighting to protect the last of America’s wild horses on a daily basis. 




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It’s hard to believe that these carriage-drivers believe their horses enjoy living nose to tailpipe on the streets of New York City. Luckily, a ban on this cruel industry is in the works.




You would think anybody with a little common sense would know enough not to wear a fur jacket to a vegan restaurant. But alas, we were wrong. Which is why we work to educate the public about what it means to live a vegan lifestyle. 




This one we don’t have a cure for just yet, but it’s always amazing to us how often people are offended by the idea of not harming animals in order to survive. You can help us defeat these guys by joining us over on our Facebook page!