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In My View: Don’t panic, it’s just a coyote on Burchard Lane
By Priscilla Feral

Why does a coyote sighting in the suburbs prompt hysteria? We’ve become so detached from nature that instead of relishing the great outdoors and its fauna, suburbanites fear they have to protect their children from the animals with whom we share the land. FoA President Priscilla Feral explores the issue of Nature Deficit Disorders in her newest blog.










Nonhuman animals can do the math too

Nonhuman animals’ counting capabilities allow them to navigate, protect themselves, forage, and find mates. The Wildlife Law Program examines the issue here.









The fight is on for government transparency in wildlife policy
By Fran Silverman

The fight is on when it comes to demanding transparency from the federal administration about its wildlife policies that are putting animals in danger and its efforts to block Freedom of Information requests. How many species are imperiled by these cloak and dagger policies?









How to Survive the Holidays as a Vegan
By Dustin Rhodes

Whether you’ve just become vegan or have been practicing a long time, everyone knows that surviving the holidays with your sanity intact is a daunting task (heck, whether you’re vegan or not!). But really all you need are a few things to get you through explains FoA Development Director Dustin Rhodes in this holiday blog.










There’s now watering down the importance of waterways
By Nicole Rivard

Struggling coral reefs are a sign of the importance of caring for our waterways to help sustain marine life. And there’s lots we can do, explains FoA Action Line Editor Nicole Rivard.









Can you fit a dog into your schedule?
By Meg McIntire

Working at an animal rights organization means I typically field a lot of questions about wildlife, pets, and veganism from my friends and family. But this recent text from a friend of mine really stuck with me and prompted me to question how people define being a responsible pet owner. Read more