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There’s no such thing as “Clean Meat”
By Priscilla Feral

The notion of meat grown in labs as being “clean” is as ridiculous as “clean coal”.  Read more.










Nonhuman animals can do the math too

Nonhuman animals’ counting capabilities allow them to navigate, protect themselves, forage, and find mates. The Wildlife Law Program examines the issue here.








The Greatest Showman’s menagerie of mistreatment

By Fran Silverman

“The Greatest Showman” musical may have won a Golden Globe for best song but I question the lyrics Hugh Jackman croons in the movie, specifically: “I’m not scared to be seen; I make no apologies, this is me.” He should make apologies. Here’s why.









Off Leash: Six Tips for Making Your Vegan New Year’s Resolution Stick
By Dustin Rhodes

Many people choose this time of year to start going to the gym (again), or quit some bad habit like smoking, and during the past decade I’ve been at Friends of Animals, I’m surprised how many people decide to dip their toes in the vegan waters at the start of the New Year. Here are some tips, so that you’ll hopefully stick with it.










Sponsorship can be your valentine to animals year-round
By Nicole Rivard

Recurring monthly donations to sanctuaries and rescues are the life’s blood of such organizations. By helping them with expenses, you are able to help sanctuaries save even more animals. I can’t think of a better way to express affection for animals or show support for groups that make sure no animal gets left behind than by sponsoring an animal. Here’s what you can do.



Nosey the elephant able to turn over a new leaf
By Meg McIntire

I’ve been following the story of Nosey for a few years, checking updates on the main Nosey Facebook page, and reading tweets about her whereabouts and conditions. Nosey’s life has been one filled with pain and suffering ever since she was captured from the wild and sold to her owner, Hugo “Tommy Liebel” in 1988. But there is cause for optimism. Read more.