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In My View: Getting to the meat of the protein issue
By Priscilla Feral

I was stunned to read that with all the attention veggie burgers, meat substitutes and pea protein have reaped in recent years—and the awareness of the impact of eating animal products on health and the environment—Americans will still eat a record amount of meat and poultry this year: 222.2 pounds, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Is it because marketers have replaced the word meat with protein?










Nonhuman animals can do the math too

Nonhuman animals’ counting capabilities allow them to navigate, protect themselves, forage, and find mates. The Wildlife Law Program examines the issue here.









On the Trail: Mastering Plastic Free
By Fran Silverman

Earlier this month a friend shared a link online that invited me to refuse to use any single-use plastic items as part of a challenge from Plastic-Free July. More than five trillion particles of plastic clog our world’s oceans, choking and strangle marine life and making coral reefs more susceptible to disease. It’s estimated that the debris adversely affects at least 257 species globally. So, it was a no-brainer to participate. Here’s how it went.









Going Tofurkey
By Dustin Rhodes

I bet the number of people trying plant-based meals and opting into things like Meatless Mondays, etc. has grown dramatically. Just look at the number of vegan products that seem to have overtaken grocery store aisles in the past few years. But the number of vegans and vegetarians really hasn’t grown dramatically in the past couple of decades; it’s stayed roughly the same since the 1990s. So, what will it take to make a full-on commitment to being vegan and staying vegan?











Trophy hunters like Blake Fishcer are just as bad as poachers
By Nicole Rivard

It’s no wonder wolves and other wildlife are under siege in Idaho when you see Blake Fischer, one of Idaho’s Fish and Game commissioners, grinning over a stack of dead corpses of the animals he slaughtered on a recent trophy hunting trip to Namibia. Even Idaho Governor C. L. “Butch” Otter, who put wolves in the crossfire by signing Idaho’s wolf-control bill in 2014, was ashamed by Fischer’s behavior and asked for his resignation. That says a lot. But what Fischer did doesn’t surprise FoA’s Action Line Editor Nicole Rivard. Here’s why.









Can you fit a dog into your schedule?
By Meg McIntire

Working at an animal rights organization means I typically field a lot of questions about wildlife, pets, and veganism from my friends and family. But this recent text from a friend of mine really stuck with me and prompted me to question how people define being a responsible pet owner. Read more