Vegan Advocacy



We at Friends of Animals oppose the use of animals for human consumption. Campaigns to make the public believe that the grisly business of turning fish, birds and mammals into food can be done in a “humane” fashion send the wrong message.

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Whether nonhuman animals are reared intensively or “free-range,” their lives are completely controlled, and profit is what matters most to those who own them. Ostensible improvements pushed by some welfare-oriented animal advocacy groups do not alleviate animals’ suffering; they are geared to assuage our own consciences so that people continue to eat animals, thinking that somebody else has addressed the morality issue.

Every day, we at Friends of Animals meet people who are thinking of going vegan. Maybe you are thinking about it too. And you might wonder why people become vegans, why we consider the commitment so important and what the decision means in everyday terms. So we created a Vegan Starter Guide, which explores some of the many reasons people decide to live vegan, and offers recipes and resources.

Friends of Animals has also published two vegan cookbooks: The Best of Vegan Cooking and Dining with Friends. Dining With Friends equips readers with an impressive repertoire of delicious recipes and many of the book’s recipes can be on the table in less than an hour. The Best of Vegan Cooking provides cooking for every occasion, from easy, everyday meals to festive, elegant dining. It is a cornucopia for all seasons – soups . . . salads . . . pastas . . . vegetables and side dishes . . . breads and muffins . . . desserts . . . with special sections on delicious ice creams and sorbets and classic risottos. Both cookbooks are available in our store.

FoA publishes Vegan Restaurant Guides for San Francisco and southern California and New York City. Friends of Animals is the proud sponsor of vegan conferences and events such as the Vegan Iron Chef, hosted by the San Francisco Vegetarian Society and The Cleveland Veg Fest, hosted by the Cleveland Vegan Society.