Take Action for Pryor Mountain Wild Horses








The Friends of Animals Wildlife Law Program(WLP) continue the long fight since 2015, to protect the Pryor Mountain wild herd found in Montana and Wyoming. The herd is a distinct population known for its Old Spanish genetic lineage, yet management from BLM and the U.S. Forest continue to threaten the population. BLM has released a preliminary Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range Joint Management Area Plan, that relies on outdated practices and may negatively affect their population, to no surprise.

This plan is open for public comment, and we ask that you join us in telling BLM that they need to refrain from actions limiting this important herd’s survivability and future.

Jennifer Best, Assistant Legal Director of WLP said, “This is a rare, renown population of wild horses that could be lost forever. Unfortunately, BLM’s proposed Plan is aimed at reducing the population and only further threatens the herd. I urge everyone to write BLM about the importance of protecting this population and asking them to focus on natural population controls rather than fertility control or removal.”

You may submit your comment on the plan through May 15, 2020 by clicking the button below.