Stop Trophy Hunting. Money Doesn’t Make it Ok.

Friends of Animals believes the trophy hunting industry is as grave and immoral as other things that occur because of the “almighty dollar”—from the sex trafficking industry and the illicit trade in “blood diamonds” to greedy, dishonest doctors profiting from the disease of addiction.

Money and greed may blind people to the severity of these atrocities—but those things certainly don’t make them ok.

That is the bold message that Friends of Animal’s new anti-trophy hunting campaign is built upon—starting with a chilling, emotionally driven short film that confronts all of the above.

The creative to support the video includes compelling posters, which appear in Manhattan and Brooklyn, because New York is the top port of entry of trophy hunted animals. From 2005 to 2014, 159,144 trophy hunted animals were imported into New York.

The goal of the new campaign is two-fold: to raise money to bolster our efforts to end the importation of threatened and endangered trophy hunted animals into the United States by 2020, and to raise awareness about one of the tools we are using to accomplish that goal—Cecil’s Law.

The legislation, created by Friends of Animals, would ban the importation, sale, possession and transportation of African elephants, lions, leopards, and black and white rhinos and their body parts. The legislation has been introduced in Connecticut and New York, where lawmakers became concerned about trophy hunting following the killing of the beloved African lion Cecil by a well-heeled American dentist. Learn more about Cecil’s Law here. 

We hope you’ll join us in our fight against trophy-hunting. Click here to make a donation towards our campaign today.

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