Other Wildlife News

Other Wildlife News

Our society created a legal system to resolve disputes and declare rights. While the system is designed to give humans an opportunity to be heard, it often neglects the lives of animals, especially wildlife.  Friends of Animals seeks to utilize and develop laws in a way that offers animals representation too. Wildlife legal news covers stories from around the world about how the law is being used, or abused, to control the fate of human-wildlife interactions. It also contains updates on important global stories, and cases that Friends of Animals is pursuing or currently engaged in.

Recent News: 

Europe to ban lead shot use among wetlands

Industrial chemicals suspected as primary factor in recent beaching of cetaceans along Atlantic coast

Final Rule for Forest Service regulations, NEPA rollbacks take effect today; allowing old analyses to be applied to new projects.

Endangered Species Act protections proposed for frecklebelly madtom.

Protest filed challenging ‘Black Ram Project,’ the Montana-Canada logging plan that will threaten grizzly and lynx habitat

If passed, the Jane Goodall Act will ban additions of elephants and apes to Canadian zoos

Will compromise with China’s fishing industry be enough  to protect the Galapagos?

Kopenhagen Fur to close its doors in response to widespread coronavirus mutation risks among mink

Fishing, consumptive activity to be banned around world’s largest marine protection zone; home to endangered rockhopper and yellow-nosed albatross

USFWS proposes protection for sickle darter fish under Endangered Species Act.

Senate republicans release funding bill that does little for endangered species; continuing to look past the global extinction crisis

The cruelty behind mink fur-farms is ending with more cruelty; as culls increase to fight mutation and further transmission of coronavirus worldwide

Brazil cited for poor response  to deforestation of Amazon and Pantanal

Environmental groups challenge delisting of gray wolf, read more here

Biden win anticipated to prioritize climate change, and reversals to environmental policy rollbacks made to  Clean Water Act, NEPA, and more

Peru prosecutors investigate illegal Amazon deforestation connected to Mennonite settlement areas

Denmark to kill millions of mink due to reversely zoonotic coronavirus outbreaks; just one more reason why the industry should be banned altogether

Greek legislation raises prison sentencing up to  ten years for animal abuse

Title deed granted to Nairobi National Park, extending protected lands for endangered species

Rewilding is a necessary step to reverse climate crisis and extinction rates.While some private landowners have stepped up; major changes in agricultural land use are overdue

Wind farms push wartime bombs to be recklessly left on UK seafloor; causing deaths of cetaceans

ESA listing and critical habitat proposed for Alabama mussel

Past wildlife and animal rights news:

New South Wales environment minister expresses disappointment in federal decision to expand quarry project onto koala habitat

California proposes rule to protect whales and marine life from entanglement in commercial crab gear

Private lands key as supplement to space provided by wildlife parks, for protection of endangered lemurs of Madagascar

Euthanization of wild boars in Rome spurs conflict over management of the species.

U.S. Senator Cory Booker introduces ‘Preventing Future Pandemics Act of 2020’ to prohibit wildlife markets for good

Conservation efforts to protect endangered species including Southern California mountain yellow-legged frog, reversed by Bobcat Fire

There is little room for hunting imagery in duck stamps; nor should it be required

Appeal underway for Happy the elephant to be transferred from a life of captivity at Bronx zoo to a sanctuary, read more here

‘Tiger King’ trainer charged for violations of Endangered Species Act and animal cruelty, read more here

Eastern black rail declared threatened, while need for its habitat protection remains

How human-cheetah conflict and illegal wildlife trade have created yet another hellscape, read more here

NIH decision not to retire lab chimps to sanctuary raises concerns for low welfare standards, and lack of transparency at Alamogordo Primate Facility

Unnecessary and unsustainable: 500,000 sharks may be used for  component in coronavirus vaccine

Release of ‘game’ birds threatens survival of a snake on the brink of extinction.

50% of illegal shooting of birds and related crimes occurred in protected areas of UK, over last 7 years

Environmental groups file suit to protect Louisiana black bear

The trispot darter, a fish once thought to be extinct, has gained critical habitat designation

Friends of Animals works to restore ostrich populations in Senegal

Koalas under review for ESA status of endangered,  due to bushfires and population loss

Proposed bill to delay Endangered Species Act legislation fuels disagreement in hearing before Environment and Public Works Committee. Read more here

UK government faces lawsuit over release of game birds on habitat for threatened species

Judge orders animals to be removed from Wildlife In Need due to welfare violations

Western yellow-billed cuckoo remains protected

New study finds human activity responsible for 56% loss of mammals in Neotropics since the beginning of European colonization

UK  in losing battle to restore biodiversity, missing  85 percent of targets

Human activity has led to a 70% decline in animal populations within a 50 year period

Trump administration proposes further rollbacks to the Endangered Species Act: easing exclusion of future critical habitat designations

FoA file suit over import permit for 5 belugas to Mystic Aquarium

Restoration of Argentina’s ecosystems calls for reintroduction of jaguars

Critical habitat denied for endangered bumble bee

Everyone from animal advocates, to anglers continue to call for removal of William Perry Pendley from BLM

FoA sues Fish and Wildlife Service for failure to release information on queen conch! Read the story here

France joins EU ban of glue bird traps used for hunting

Norway leads in  European whaling exports, while refusing to acknowledge prolonged suffering for whales harpooned and caught under weakened animal welfare guidelines

Framework of a new mining report calls for transparency of process, community involvement, and for future mining sites to be located far from any critical fish and wildlife habitat

Initiatives for fur farming bans are on the table for several European countries, now including Finland

Beaked whale stranding suspected to be caused by military sonar practices. Read more here

Environmental groups file lawsuit against drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Wildfires caused by poachers are degrading habitat, and impose risk to Sumatran rhino refuge

Trump administration’s finalized leasing plan for Arctic refuge oil drilling not only reverses 50 years of wilderness protections, but ignores existing habitat loss concerns, climate crisis impacts, and negative impacts to indigenous communities. 

Captive belugas released to Icelandic sea sanctuary.  Read the story here

Wide pesticide use continues to contribute to the decline of bird populations. Read more, and use less (or better yet, an organic alternative that is non-threatening to wildlife) here

An elephant’s complex history and journey out of captivity: Mara’s story
Environmental groups petition for China to be formally certified for illegal pangolin trade Read more here

Friends of Animals challenges Colorado Parks and Wildlife Individuals  who voice opposition of consumptive use of wildlife should not have to purchase a hunting or angling license to access state wildlife areas

Hundreds of dams to be constructed in protected wildlife areas despite pleas for alternative sources of renewable energy. Read more here
Removal of wildlife habitat to large mammals including tigers and orangutans is anything but sustainable. Yet, sustainable palm oil certifications are applied to several plantations on deforested land, according to study and critics
New incidents reported in complaint against UW-Madison research program over Animal Welfare Act violations. Read the story here

Protection deemed successful for giant panda- but not for other large species who share their habitat, including snow leopards

Kaavan, a captive elephant, is to be released to a Cambodian sanctuary due to poor zoo conditions

Poaching of South African Rhino’s reduced by half due to Covid-19 lockdowns

Poacher jailed for six years after killing Rafiki, a revered gorilla of Uganda. Read the story here

As climate change shifts migration patterns and ranges for many species, scientists ask how ‘invasive species,’ may now be defined

Nine members of South African wildlife trafficking gang have been sentenced to prison

Brazil is trafficking a high volume of wildlife species, yet the data is of low priority

GPS collars aid in human-elephant conflict prevention and zoning plans for Sri Lanka

Wildlife trade banned in Vietnam: directive issued for an extensive ban of imports of live animals, related byproducts, and wildlife markets! Read more here

Senate passes “Driftnet Modernization and Bycatch Reduction Act,” to transition away from drift net use responsible for entanglement of dolphins, and other marine life

Endangered Species Act protections rejected for Arctic grayling, despite noted climate impacts on declining population numbers

Report finds protections for essential fish habitats are sinking under the Trump administration. Read why more must be done, here

Australia signs 5 year contract for kangaroo cull, despite recent population losses related to wildfires

Covid-19 related federal contract of $4.6 million awarded to macaque monkey research facility responsible for numerous monkey deaths. Read more about the incidents, and why  animals shouldn’t suffer for human benefit

Not quite out of the woods: Critical habitat for spotted owls reviewed, while the debate continues. Read more here

IUCN lists North Atlantic right whales as critically endangered, largely due to human activity

Lawsuit threatened over reintroduction of grizzly bear to Northern Cascades. Read more here

ESA protection sought for Southeast Alaskan Wolves. Read more here

Indonesian government’s allowance of lobster larvae exports imposes threat upon Javan rhino

Prince William clamors for an end to illegal wildlife trade. Read the story here!

Myanmar considers breeding threatened wildlife species in captivity, including eight species for meat. Read more here

Environmental and funding concerns in the face of a pandemic, have delayed construction of a dam threatening critical orangutan habitat

Habitat degradation inflicts far greater harm on caribou populations than wolves, say researchers

Colorado conservation groups call for U.S. senate to vote against William Perry Pendley’s nomination for director of the Bureau of Land Management

Detonation of a Bellingham dam will benefit orca, salmon, and humans. Read more here

Despite worldwide examination of zoonotic pathogens linked to  wildlife markets, illegal trade of jaguar and lion parts is rising, in place of tiger parts

Lead Endangers Animals Daily Act’  sets to ban lead ammunition on wildlife refuges by 2022. Read more here

IUCN releases 10 Year Plan for critically endangered Western chimpanzee

9th circuit court rules Yellowstone grizzly bears cannot be hunted

Legal or illegal, use of snares to trap wildlife is inhumane and remains threatening to wildlife, particularly in Southeast Asia. Read more about why snares should be banned, here

Federal loans go to environmental and wildlife groups battling Trump rollbacks.

UK pushes for ban of trophy hunting imports

Proposed plan for shrimp farm among Sri Lanka’s mangroves may be largely problematic for thousands of migratory birds, and the environment

The largest seizure of illegal shark fins in history may have taken place in Hong Kong, but finning will remain a global problem threatening shark populations until a true crackdown on the trade occurs

Myanmar reluctant to release ‘out of work’ elephants  into wild. Read the story here

International groups have formed a battalion to fight disease threatening extinction of North American Salamanders

Breeding of bamboo rats  banned in China due to suspicions of the species being a vector for coronavirus

Hundreds of dead dolphins have washed up on the coast of France, as a result of sea trawler net use

Wildlife Services’ hushed use of cyanide bombs left in the open to kill wildlife, remains ‘lacking in control’ despite restrictions. Read more here

Loopholes in China’s ‘ban’ of wildlife trade may still be under revision, but successful reintroduction of pangolins in South African KwaZulu-Natal province brings hope

Poaching is rising in Africa and Asia, as a result from Covid-19 lockdowns. Read the story here

The release of genetically engineered mosquitoes in Florida has been approved by the EPA, despite decade-long objections from environmental groups

The unreported death of a lioness who was neglected to receive veterinary care, and numerous contagion risks found within a Charleston zoo have led to a court ruling halting further intake of animals to the facility. Read the story here

Scotland bans the shooting of seals

Study confirms exacerbated shedding of Coronaviruses’ results from exploitation of animals in the wildlife trade industry; and there should be no debate over shutting down wildlife markets

Scientists urge renewal of catfish fishing ban to prevent extinction of Amazon river dolphin. Read the story here

D.C. Circuit side with Trump administration’s claim that hunting African animals will reinforce the survival of such species. Read more here

If passed, a South African proposal will allow consumption of protected wild animals including rhinoceros, and may result in new wildlife wet markets. Read about the proposal here

Rapidly declining vulture populations continue to be linked to poisoning by consumption of anti-inflammatory drugs found in carcasses of big game animals. They are now one of the most threatened groups of birds on Earth facing extinction

B.C. coal mine proposed on critical caribou habitat overlooks impacts that may reverse recovery efforts for caribou. Learn more here

Canadian conservation officer wins legal battle after being fired for refusing to kill bear cubs. Read about it here

L.A. lawmakers push to ban wildlife wet markets– Prioritizing public health policy, animal welfare, and ecosystem protection, means the end of sale of live animals for human consumption! Read more here

The French government has opened an investigation to catch the hunter who illegally killed a protected Pyrenees brown bear. After reintroduction, only 50 bears reside in the Pyrenees, and the species cannot afford any loss. Read more here

Trump Jr.’s Secret Service protection for a Mongolian hunting trip to kill threatened argali sheep, cost taxpayers $76,000.00! Outside of Mongolia, argali sheep are endangered. Read the story here

China’s removal of pangolins from the official list of traditional Chinese medicine treatments is a breakthrough in wildlife protection! Read more on this milestone here

ICARUS will vastly expand wildlife tracking capabilities for biologists and scientists. Read more here
China’s recent bans of wildlife hunting and consumption have only served as temporary solutions against illegal wildlife trade while laws face revision. Previously deemed “wild” animals including emus will continue to be sold on an approved list of “domesticated livestock.” Read the story here
FoA and Canada Geese Protection Colorado are challenging USDA’s Wildlife Services Division, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and Denver Parks and Recreation for another year planned to round up and slaughter 4,000 resident Canada geese in Denver parks. Read more here
Six elephants were killed in one day by poachers in Ethiopia, where this illegal activity has been unprecedented. Read the story here
FoA to FWS: Keep hunters out of wildlife refuges! If U.S. Fish and Wildlife gets its way, it will open eight National Wildlife Refuges for the first time to hunting and fishing, and massively expand hunting regulations among 89 additional wildlife refuges. Read more here
The rate of a mass extinction has increased to 100 times faster than it would naturally due to human activity. Read more about the studies involved and threats to biodiversity here
Blue-blood harvests will continue as big pharma ditches synthetic alternatives to horseshoe crab blood. Read more here
Economic recovery pushing development of the Jordan Cove pipeline is not a step forward for biodiversity, and may bring harm to endangered species including spotted owls. Read the story here
Trump reverses Obama-era  hunting regulations, allowing Alaskan hunters to shoot wolves, bears, and their young while in dens. Read the story here. 
Call for celebration–An Australian wildlife park has welcomed its first baby koala born since devastating bushfires! Read more about the recovery of koala populations here
A ‘great elephant  migration’ to avoid coronavirus starvation magnifies the overdue need to end Thailand’s captive elephant tourism. Read the story here
Rare white grizzly bear sighted in Canadian Rockies! Read the story here
Wuhan’s ban of eating wild animals in response to coronavirus is a necessary step against illegal wildlife trade, but the effort cannot end there. It is the world’s turn to continue this stride. Read more here
He opposed public lands and wildlife protections. Trump gave him a top environment job. Read this story about William Perry Pendley here
After many years of seeking to limit the killing of wildlife by the infamous “Wildlife Services,” the animal killing arm of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, there has finally been some progress: Wildlife Services to cut back killings pending environmental review. Read the story here
Friends of Animals to the World Health Organization and the United Nations–Shut down wildlife markets to avoid future pandemics. Read the story here
Judge rules in favor of Friends of Animals–EPA should reconsider wild horse birth control PZP. Read about it here
Federal appeals court upholded the killing of barred owls. Read about it here!
The Nonhuman Rights Project led by Steven Wise filed a lawsuit to give rights to three captive elephants under habeas corpus. Read about it here!
The smallest dolphin in the world, the Maui dolphin, is now listed as endangered under the ESA, along with the South Island Hector’s dolphin. The final rule is on the Federal Register here.
 The IUCN has changed the status of the snow leopard from endangered to vulnerable, but leading conservation organizations don’t agree. Read about it here! 
Here we go again, the gun has become the government’s choice of management tools when it comes to wildlife on public lands. Read the latest here: Grand Canyon National Park will reduce the size of its bison herd through culling, trapping and moving the animals to other locations.