Vegan Starter Guide

Vegan Starter Guide

The Friends of Animals Vegan Starter Guide

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Get active — Distribute FoA’s Vegan Starter Guide available here for order at a reduced price with free shipping. Libraries, schools, food markets, tabling events are just some of the places for vegan outreach.

The reason for this booklet

Every day, we at Friends of Animals meet people who are thinking of going vegan.

Maybe you are thinking about it too. And you might wonder why people become vegans, why we consider the commitment so important, and what the decision means in everyday terms. In this booklet, we’ll explore some of the many reasons people decide to live vegan, and offer you some recipes and resources.

As people dedicated to ending the exploitation of animals, we strive to cultivate in our own lives what we wish for our society. Our work includes a full spectrum of advocacy:

• Initiatives to stop hunting and its use as animal control

Legal protection for free-living animals and their land, water, and air

• Management of the Primarily Primates sanctuary for primates and other animals

We who facilitate these projects adhere to a plant-based diet in support for other animals in the world, and in the spirit of empathy we’re advancing.