Living With Coyotes: An Integrated Approach

Living With Coyotes: An Integrated Approach

FoA’s Wildlife Law Program provides communities tools to implement non-lethal and non-invasive practices for communities to proactively address human-coyote encounters. FoA is dedicated to helping local governments and communities learn about all the ways in which people can effectively reduce, and eventually eliminate, perceived conflicts with coyotes, whether you live in an urban, suburban, or rural environment. Below you will find a brochure, “Living with Coyotes,” that outlines some of the basics of an integrated approach to living with coyotes.

Your community is welcome to make copies of any of this material and distribute them to residents and businesses. By request FoA will provide your community a limited supply of the brochure in color (additional copies will be provided at cost) and will work with your community to plan for a public coyote forum, to develop a holistic coyote engagement plan, and/or to pass a coyote engagement resolution. The only request we ask of your community is the willingness to fully consider a plan that restricts public funding of trapping and relocation, or lethal control— something other communities have already done.


 Friends of Animals’ distributable brochure “Living with Coyotes

Additional Resources:

The following are links to state and local government programs that focus on non-lethal and non-invasive coyote treatment:

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