Circuses, Rodeos
& Bull-Riding

Circuses, Rodeos
& Bull-Riding


Animals in Circuses: Ringling and Realityelephants

Misery comes to town: It’s not entertainment when non-human animals are deprived of their freedom and forced to perform in the circus ring. Boycott all circuses featuring animal acts. Let’s stop applauding confinement, abusive training and exploitation of the animals and build on the momentum across cities, states and countries that are banning elephant and other live animals in shows.

The Demise of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus

It’s been 25 years since Friends of Animals received a diary transcript from a young man who worked for many years as a crew member of a large travelling circus and printed it in Action Line. The diary was riddled with Animal Welfare Act violations—from depriving animals of food and water and elephants being badly beaten to injured animals being forced to perform. Read more…


bulll riding

Coercion isn’t a sport: bull riding is a disturbing spectacle of the domination of captive animals. During the event, the bulls’ tails are twisted in the chute, they are shocked with 5,000 volts as they exit, and straps are tightened around their flanks to provoke them to violently buck the riders. The bull riding motto is “fortune favors the brave,” but there is nothing brave or sporting when one participant is unwilling and exploited.


The rodeo: it’s animal mistreatment, not a valued American tradition. Rodeos are shows of dominance over other animals that often result in serious injuries to the animals, without the protection of cruelty laws.