Articles by Janis Carter

Articles by Janis Carter

Articles written by Janis Carter, Director of the CRP, for our seasonal magazine Act’ionLine.

Toto the Orphaned Chimpanzee: The rescue and care of an orphaned chimpanzee in an effort to save his life and hopefully return him to the wild one day.

Bumping Through Nikolo Koba : New roads and highways cut through Senegal’s Niokolo Koba National Park, the largest savannah park in West Africa.


Drink in Peace: A Gift of Water for the Village of Taiwoun: Friends of Animals helps to fund a water accessibility project in Senegal to resolve tension between chimpanzees and villagers over limited water supply.


Lily, Pita, and Poolilyla: Carter discusses the different chimpanzee social groups that exist at the River Gambia National Park.


“I am fine” Thoughts and observations on the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project: Reflections on how the CRP is operated and how it has flourished throughout the years.


On the Road to Salemata for Chimpanzees: Details the process of building a new well in Salemata to ensure a better quality of life for villagers and chimpanzees.
Unique Refuge for Chimpanzees in Africa: A history of the CRP and how Friends of Animals came to support the project.


Road to Mbouboura: Gives readers an idea of what the day-to-day work is like for CRP employees as they visit a village to address competition between species for food and water.


Tama and Baby: The story of how a villager in Epingue found and rescued a baby chimpanzee.
Chimpanzees in Senegal: History and facts about chimpanzees living in Senegal.