What We Do


From our beginnings, Friends of Animals has held a leadership role in advocating for low-cost spaying and neutering. We believe it is  the most effective means of preventing unwanted births of domestic dogs and cats which then leads to their mass killings in shelters.

For five decades, we have operated the only coast-to-coast cat and dog neutering initiative in the United States. Our unique system, powered by a membership of more than 600 veterinarians located in 30 states and Puerto Rico, helps people avoid unnecessarily high costs of neutering for more than 40,000 animals each year.

We are a leading figure in the movement to end the exploitation of fur-bearing animals, as well. In 2012, FoA’s investigators produced the first footage of the shocking reality of life and death on a U.S. fur farm. Stark images of minks’ necks being broken stunned the audience of 60 Minutes and increased support for the anti-fur movement.

We are also at the forefront of putting animal-rights advocacy in its best light by encouraging activists to seek a style of activism that has positive effects and preserves the integrity of our most valuable ideals.

In 2013, we also established our own Wildlife Law Program in order to bridge the gap that occasionally forms between animal and environmental activists who fail to utilize laws that would benefit their causes. The mission of the program is to use the law for the singular purpose of ensuring the right of all wildlife to live in an ecosystem free from human manipulation, exploitation, or abuse.

We also inform members about animal advocacy issues and our progress by addressing these topics in our magazine, ActionLine, our Web site and other reports. We encourage our members to get involved in their own communities as volunteer activists and as representatives of our spay/neuter project.

Learn more about our work and view our video playlist which showcases the many causes we have advocated for throughout the years.


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