Look for the Good












1.  Baby penguin protected by beach-goers with cardboard sign
A little blue penguin, found alone on a beach in New Zealand, wasn’t able to communicate directly with folks passing by to ask that they respect his space… so a few kind people stepped up and posted that important message on his behalf. A great reminder about how important it is to give wildlife their space when you see them in their natural habitat!


2. Peyo the therapy horse creates amazing connections with patients
Peyo is a therapy horse who offers a connection and encouragement to those who need it most. His handlers even believe he has a sixth sense because he is always allowed to choose which patient’s room he wants to enter and it’s always someone who needs him most.

In this video, Peyo insists on entering a room of a young man who does not have long to live. The connection the two make will bring you to tears.


3. Searches for meatless Christmas dinners are way up this year
The social media platform Pinterest revealed that searches for meatless Christmas meals have increased by 53 percent this year. The platform named vegetarian and vegan dishes a winning category in the Pinterest 2018 Food + Drink Awards and identified dishes such as vegan sausage casserole, mushroom Wellington, and chai spice biscuit cake as its top trending searches! For more veg-friendly holiday meal ideas, check out our two vegan cookbooks available in our online store.













4. Squirrel rehab runs out of acorns. Entire country responds.
“EMERGENCY,” the Carolina Wildlife Center declared in a post online. “We have run out of ACORNS!” The center has cared for nearly 1,000 needy squirrels so far this year alone, many of whom were rescued as orphans who toppled from their nests during storms. With all those hungry mouths to feed, the rehab’s store of nuts quickly depleted.

Much to the rehab center’s surprise, people from all over the country began sending in acorns, gathered with love in backyards, in parks and on nature trails. It’s resulted in such a deluge, the center can hardly keep up with the deliveries.

A group of schoolchildren, working over Thanksgiving break, even collected enough acorns to fill a kiddie pool! Learn more here.