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Visit the River Gambia National Park

Commonly known as Baboon Islands, The River Gambia National Park (RGNP) is located just 300 km up the River Gambia in one of the least disturbed parts of the country. These islands offer visitors the rare opportunity of viewing the last of The Gambia’s wildlife and lush gallery forests, while staying in both privacy and comfort.

The RGNP is also home to the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project (CRP) which was established in 1979 for the care and reintroduction of orphaned and unwanted chimpanzees. Wild chimpanzees disappeared from The Gambia in the early 1900’s, but there are now more than 80 chimpanzees living free on 3 islands in 4 separate social groups.

The River Gambia National Park can be reached from Kuntaur; a village located on the north bank just 3 hours from Barra. CRP staff will collect you at the Kuntaur jetty and provide boat transport to the camp located on the south bank.

Boat expeditions guide you through the river and estuaries where you may have an up-close but safe view of chimpanzees, baboons, red colobus monkeys, hippos, crocodiles, manatees, over 240 species of birds and many other wildlife species.

For those willing to sweat a little, take a guided trail hike through the mosaic of gallery, woodland and savanna forests on the mainland. Catch one of the most breathtaking sunset vistas in The Gambia from the cliffs overhanging the River Gambia. Other activities include a variety of boat tours, hikes to different locations, visits to neighboring projects and simple relaxation.

Accommodations are comfortable yet basic due to the fragile nature of the environment. Your experience is enhanced by our knowledgeable staff, impeccable service and the finest food available outside Banjul. Meals are served in the water house which extends out over the river.



Day trips: 1900 Dalasis per person (minimum 4 people) lunch included


Overnight trips

Safari tents: 5,000 Dalasis per night single occupancy

4,200 Dalasis per night/per person double occupancy

Guest houses: 4300 Dalasis per night single occupancy

3600 Dalasis per night/per person multiple occupancy


For further details on organizing a visit please contact:

Janis Carter

Director, CRP

Phone: +220 686-8826 / 787-8827


You can view and print the brochure for the park right here.