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Hunting & Wildlife Management

Will Maryland's Latest Attack Mean Mute Swans Will Be Gone Forever? We must intervene now.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) insists on wiping out the Mute swans, The Baltimore Sun now reports.

In what many believe will be the final word in a long fight, Secretary of Natural Resources John Griffin on Monday (8 June 2009) accepted the report of a hunter-dominated task force on the swans, saying that his staff is "unfortunately compelled" to continue population control efforts on the fewer than 500 birds still living on the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries.

That means shooting adults or snapping their necks, and shaking eggs to kill the embryos.

CALL to Action: Reject U.S. Government Proposal to Shoot Horses

JULY 2008, DARIEN, CONN. -- Following the latest obnoxious proposal this month from the U.S. government to kill thousands of horses, the international animal advocacy organization Friends of Animals again calls for a full moratorium on the government-sanctioned round-ups, sales and slaughter of free-living horses.[1]

The federal Bureau of Land Management set out in helicopters and harassed and chased roughly half the western herd of mustangs -- a group numbering 30,000 -- into a corral. And now, the officials are proposing to start killing them.

Keep parks free of firearms

USA Today Editorial

Effort to change long-standing rules would 'solve' non-existent problems.

Suppose you bring the kids to Grand Teton National Park for a vacation and set out on a hike around Jenny Lake. Halfway around, you encounter an unfriendly hiker carrying a loaded 9mm semiautomatic pistol.

Still feeling like you're in an oasis of tranquility? Welcome to the national parks as envisioned by the National Rifle Association and its friends in Washington.

Manufactured Alaska Hunts Lack Thrill, Should be Killed

COMPASS: Points of view from the community

Rudy Wittshirk / Anchorage Daily News / October 24, 2007

The soul has gone out of hunting in Alaska. The execution-style slayings of Katmai brown bears, caught on tape, clearly show Alaska's most magnificent wildlife being rubbed out for convenient commercial exploitation ("Cameras show Katmai bear kills,'' Oct. 6).

Bush Defends The Indefensible Plan

To The Editor Of The Day, New London CT:
Published on 9/4/2007

On vacation during the waning days of his troubled presidency, in an age of climate meltdown, President George W. Bush chose to make a priority out of increasing hunting possibilities. He ordered federal land management agencies to "facilitate the expansion and enhancement of hunting opportunities and the management of game species and their habitat."

Judge stops Alaska from offering a wolf 'bounty'

Associated Press Writer

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) -- A judge on Friday halted Alaska's $150 payments for each wolf killed under its predator control program.

Conservation groups lauded the decision by state Superior Court Judge William Morse granting their request for a temporary stop to what they called an illegal bounty. Plaintiffs are suing the state to terminate the predator control program altogether, but said Friday's ruling was significant.

Friends of Animals Moves to Halt Bounty Killing of Wolves

For Immediate Release: 27 March 2007

Today, in the latest news in the case FRIENDS OF ANIMALS vs. STATE OF ALASKA, Friends of Animals quickly moved for a preliminary injunction in the Superior Court for the State of Alaska to halt the State's newest assault on wolves.

This time, the Board of Game is offering a bounty to permit holders who kill in several designated control areas, then bring in the foreleg of the dead wolf.

Stop Net-and-Bolt Deer Control

Your attention needed to help stop net-and-bolt deer control proposals in Millburn and throughout New Jersey.

"Net and bolt" means trapping deer under nets, then attempting to restrain them, pressing a captive-bolt gun against their heads, and firing a retractable steel rod into their brains. The deer may struggle and kick, fracturing limbs or sustaining other injuries. Deer who move as the bolt is fired can be painfully wounded, not killed, and the struggle continues until additional shots are fired.

Can It! Say NO to The Sportsmanship in Hunting Act of 2005

Let's Stop Promoting "Man's Dominion" Over Nonhuman Life

On 9 February 2005, Senator Frank R. Lautenberg (D-NJ) introduced a bill (S. 304) with the short title "The Sportsmanship in Hunting Act of 2005." Proponents of the bill claim it will "crack down on 'canned hunts,' the abhorrent practice of confining tame, exotic animals in an enclosed space and shooting them at close range." [1] As Senator Lautenberg has acknowledged, it is important to note what the bill does and does not do.