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Free-Living Animals

Connecticut Mute Swans

Greenwich Time

Letter to the Editor

Mute swans have been under fire at least since 1980, when hunters moved to remove legal protections from the birds. A biologist from Connecticut's Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) called the birds "overgrown starlings" and recommended hunting.

The Squirrel Wars

Letter to the Editor of the New York Times Magazine

How utterly crass and revolting to see an article extolling the violent adventures of England's Rupert Redesdale, hater of gray squirrels, whose pathology laid the foundation for an organization to shoot or trap and smash on the head every gray squirrel it can find (DT Max, The Squirrel Wars, 7 Oct.).

"What Do You Suppose the Elk Think of Us?" By Heather Steel

Parks officials in Banff, located in the Canadian Rockies in the province of Alberta, are concerned about reports of elk becoming more numerous and assertive there. The officials are now proposing controlling the elk through the use of contraceptives, starting by testing a vaccine on ten elk cows that should render them unable to have calves. Heather Steel, a correspondent for the Victoria-based office of Friends of Animals, had this to say: