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Cheers and Jeers: 1/2/14

January 02, 2014 | Cheers and Jeers

Jeers to latest series of Fishlove photographs that claim to be raising awareness of unsustainable fishing practices that are destroying the earth’s marine ecosystem. However Fishlove exploits fish by draping their dead corpses on naked celebrities and photographing them to share its message. 

Fishlove creators should know the only way to protect fish and earth’s marine ecosystem is to stop catching them and switch to a plant-based diet, which Friends of Animals advocates.

According to the Fishlove website, the global marine ecosystem will collapse within a generation if unsustainable fishing practices are allowed to continue. The good news, the site says, is that it is a problem for which there is a relatively simple solution. With the right political decisions, such as banning deep sea trawling, we can save our seas so that they will be teeming with life for generations to come.

It seems that Fishlove believes that we can save our seas by killing a lot of fish and wrapping them around naked celebrities for photo shoots. They’ve been doing it since 2009. Talk about hypocritical. Fishloves feelings towards sea life is anything but clear in its latest photo series as the celebrities facial expressions range from yawning and laughing to bedroom eyes and blank stares.   

What’s most disturbing is that nowhere on the website of a supposedly fish-friendly organization is any information about adopting a plant-based diet. There really is no useful information at all. 

The Fishlove series was launched in 2009 to promote a film on the fishing crisis called "End of the Line," by Charles Clover. Clover teamed up with restaurateur, Nicholas Rohl, co-owner of Japanese restaurant Moshimo in Brighton, Great Britain, and actress Greta Scacchi, to create the Fishlove series. 

Tell Rohl that Fishlove has reached the end of the line and that it needs to promote plant-based diets if it wants to protect fish. Write to him and tell him to read Friends of Animals Vegan Starter guide and that you don’t want to see any more photos of dead fish at or

Photo credit: Denis Rouvre for Fishlove 2013




Jeers to Luke Scott
In the Winter 2014 edition of Action Line, we wrote a Jeers to Tampa Bay Rays’ outfielder Luke Scott who speared a hog and had the head on display in his team locker room.  He then denigrated the corpse  by decorating it with sunglasses and a trucker’s hat that said “Jesus is my boss.” We asked people to direct their jeers to Scott via the Tampa Bay Rays in St. Petersburg Florida.  But after press time, FoA learned that Scott has since left the Rays to play in Korea.  Hopefully Scott’s departure will assure there is not more torturing of animals in the Tampa Bay locker room. A member of the team communications staff told us that management held a meeting with players after Scott’s antics and discussed how inappropriate they were.


Jeers to Miley Cyrus for wearing a full length Arctic fox fur with a train during her performing at Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest in New York before the ball drop.
Miley admitted to Seacrest that the freezing New York temperatures had played a part in her choice of attire as well as getting rapped over the knuckles for previous provocative looks, explaining: 'This is the most clothes I’ve been in in 2013. Because of the cold weather and standards and practices, this is what we came up with.'

Miley, we get that you want to shed your Hannah Montana image, but fur only looks good on animals.

It’s time to get a new stylist in 2014, one who realizes fur is a thing of the past, which is the message of Friends of Animals’ latest print and viral campaign. FoA also had stunning billboards in Times Square and in the Broadway Theater District during the height of the holiday shopping season featuring a cavewoman draped in fur, chomping on an animal leg. The bold, far-reaching campaign urges consumers to evolve beyond the Neanderthal mentality that the bloody fur industry is selling.

Celebrities like Miley should be using their star power to kill such archaic fur trends.  Luxurious alternatives to fur are readily available—there’s no way to justify slaughtering more than 50 million animals raised on fur farms around the world who are killed for their pelts annually in addition to the approximately 10 million animals trapped in the wild. (This number does not include rabbits.)

Unfortunately, for some vanity at its worse persists and it’s stronger than their desire to evolve.

Come on Miley. Don’t be such a Neandarthal. You should know that in February 2013, VauteCouture made history as the first all vegan label to show at New York Fashion Week, with its first full ready-to-wear collection complete with fur-free winter coats. And in September 2013, the home of high fashion and glamour, West Hollywood, banned the sale of fur apparel in retail stores, becoming the first city in the United States to do so.

Miley, it’s time to get with the times.

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