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Cheers and Jeers: Week of December 2, 2013

December 03, 2013 | Cheers and Jeers

Cheers to Canadian band Barenaked Ladies for cancelling its upcoming Sea World show (slated for Feb. 15) on the heels of the release of the “Blackfish” documentary, which exposes the dark side of keeping killer whales in captivity and questions the safety record at marine parks. 

The first expose’ on Sea World appears in Stan Minasian’s documentary “A Fall from Feedom,” which Friends of Animals helped sponsor. That film revealed Sea World as the financial muscle behind the capture and transport of killer whales and dolphins for marine parks and aquariums, which also results in the horrific killing of many thousands of dolphins by Japanese anglers.

This is what the band wrote on its Facebook page:

“Hey everybody. We've talked things over, and decided not to play at Sea World at this time… . This is a complicated issue, and we don't claim to understand all of it, but we don't feel comfortable proceeding with the gig at this time. The Sea World folks have been gracious, and extended us invitations to the park to learn more about what they do, and how they do it. 

“We encourage anybody and everybody to get involved with a charity organization they feel passionate about. We here at Barenaked Ladies have made a decision based on what we feel. It’s not about the money or petitions or press. But it is about our fans. We listen to them and they are important to us. Their sensibilities resonate with ours, and have for decades now. We’ve grown up together. Ultimately though, we made the decision that we feel good about.”

A fan from Ontario launched an online petition urging the band to cancel the show.  More than 11,000 people added their names to the petition.

Willie Nelson, Martina McBride, REO Speedwagon, Cheap Trick, Justin Moore, Scotty McCreery, and 38 Special are all scheduled to perform at SeaWorld as part of its Bands, Brew & BBQ series. Let’s hope they follow in the footsteps of Barenaked Ladies.

By Nicole Rivard


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