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Capers in the Churchyard

Animal Rights Advocacy In The Age of Terror

by Lee Hall, foreword by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

Capers in the Churchyard discusses current advocacy trends in North America, Britain, and Australia, with an eye for sorting progressive from reactionary methods and goals. Compares activist interventions in products testing, focusing on the case against Huntingdon Life Sciences on the eastern U.S. coast and in Britain. Defines animal rights, discusses dominant definitions of terrorism, and provides relevant, direct analysis of both campaigns and laws.

Steve F. Sapontzis, author of Morals, Reason, and Animals, calls this critique of using violence to save animals "especially thought-provoking today, in America, when the fear card of 'Terrorism!' is constantly played to obstruct all sorts of social progress." At the same time, Capers in the Churchyard examines a spectrum of human ways of thinking about other animals, and presents a fresh challenge to humankind's drive to dominate them.

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